Fioniavet presents the AUTOMAGIC Syringe

This automatic syringe is for vaccinating on a distance. The solid plastic frame has a universal bottle holder. The dosing can be either 0.5 cc, 1.0 cc, 1.5 cc or 2.0 cc. The frame weighs 385 grams and is 708 x 194 x 39 mm.

The syringe pump is sterile packed and gives accurate dosing for 3000 – 5000 injections. Luer connection. Hub locked and supported by cap.

For bottles holding more than 100 cc the silicone tubing of 150 cm can be used (Cat.No 851020).


AUTOMAGIC syringe frame, 1/pk         AUTOMAGIC syringe pump, sterile, 1/pk

Cat. No 851000 – Syringe Frame                             Cat. No 851010 Syringe Pump