About us


We sell veterinary consumables to distributors mainly in Europe. Our products are distributed from our warehouse in Denmark. In Denmark we also have distribution directly to the Danish veterinarians.

Fioniavet was established in 2010.

The company is owned and run by Mr. Torben Bjerning and Dr. Martin Eberhardt.

Martin Eberhardt graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 1992 and has 9 years experience from mixed veterinary practice followed by 15 years experience within the international veterinary business of consumables and disposable items.

Torben Bjerning is business educated and has 15 years experience with international sales of veterinary and medical consumables and disposable items.

Fioniavet is the brand name of the Danish company Bjebto ApS, VAT No 34603219. Fioniavet veterinary products are currently sold in 28 countries.