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Eye test Schirmer with color indication, 100 strips, 5/pk

The standard for measuring tear production for possible diagnosis of Keratoconjuctivitis Sicca (dry eye). Graduated absorbent paper with mm graduations is inserted at the lateral canthus between the eye and eyelid and absorbs tear film. Individually packaged in sterile chevron pouch.

  • No anesthesia necessary
  • Blue absorbent indicator strip and now also pairs, left-right with notch
  • Do not apply medication to, or manipulate the eye prior to test
  • Examination room light should be dimmed
  • Insert the rounded end into the lower temporal lid of the eye
  • Wait 2 minutes, remove strip and record the moistured area
  • Indicated at 5mm, the blue absorbent ink moves up with the tear film level giving a clearer indication of tear film production
  • Measurements should be:
    • Normal: 15-30 mm
    • Sub Normal: 10-15 mm
    • Mild Dryness: 6-10 mm
    • Moderate dryness: 2-5 mm
    • Severe dryness 0-1 mm
  • Individually packed in sterile chevron pouch 100 strips or 50 pairs per box.