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FioniaVet EquiDress Poultice, 20 x 40 cm, 10/pk

EquiDress is a veterinary multilayer, high absorbent poultice dressing that can be applied in 3 ways:
▪ Dry dressing: On an open wound to stop bleeding, protect from further infection, draw out exudates and speed the healing.
▪ Cold wet dressing: For cooling and keeping a moist environment.
▪ Warm wet dressing: For stimulating blood flow and
hydrate tissue.
EquiDress can also be used post-exercise to prevent
 “leg filling” / edema and support tendons and ligaments.
▪ Chemical-free dressing, no boric acid that might interact with others care products as hydrogel or medical honey.
▪ Contains 6 g Tragacanth, a natural gum preventing the dressing adhering to the wound.
▪ 1st layer: nonwoven
▪ 2nd layer: long fiber natural medical grade absorbent cotton
▪ 3rd layer: thick nonwoven
▪ 4th layer: thin impermeable plastic film
▪ Box of 10/pk