FioniaVet Lube Gel 5 g sachets, 100/pk

FioniaVet sterile lube gel in 5 g sachets, is an innovative and practical way to use lubrication in the field in livestock or on companion animals in the clinic.

  • Single use, one shot 5 g sachet, 1 sachet for 1 animal
  • Improves application, easier to use in the field, to lubricate catheters
  • Reduces waste experienced in using bottles of sterile gel, once a bottle open the sterility is compromised
  • Reduces significantly risks of cross contamination
  • Excellent long-lasting lubricating property
  • Non-spermicidal, can be used with insemination catheters
  • Transparent, water-soluble gel, non-toxic, non-staining and non-irritating
  • Compatible with mucous membranes, flexible endoscopic instruments and surgical instruments
  • MOQ: 24 x100