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FioniaVet Silicone Endotracheal Tubes – Reinforced, 1/pk

Silicone endotracheal tubes reinforced with inner metal spiral. Silicone is more biocompatible than PVC, rubber and softens in contact with the tissue. As they are softer, introduction of the tube would require more time to introduce.
▪ Reinforcement benefits:
– Easier introduction, resistance to kinking
– Supports correct positioning, easier control by X-Ray
▪ High-volume Low-pressure cuff (except on 2,5 mm)
▪ Latex free
▪ Graduation to monitor positioning.
▪ 15 mm connector included
▪ Sterile
▪ Sizes: 2,5 mm without cuff, 3 to 9,5 mm with cuff
▪ Stylet (optional): Allows to form the tube with the right angle for intubation