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FIONIAVET Silicone Foley Catheter, 2 Way, w/stylet, 10 Fr, 90 cm, 10/pk

FIONIAVET 100 % silicone urinary 2 ways Foley catheters, for long term use.

For long term catherization (draining the bladder failing to empty, managing urinary incontinence). Also used to irrigate the bladder or extract a sample of urine. Silicone material has a good bio-compatibility. Compared to latex, silicone is non-allergenic, has superior resistance to kinking. Silicone is therefore suitable for long term placement (up to 7 days) and reduces the risk of urethritis.

Smooth surface avoiding urethral irritation # Smooth rounded tip and lateral, atraumatic eyes # Balloon to be inflated, maintain the catheter in place, volume: 1,5 ml for 6 Fr, 2 ml for 8 Fr, 3 ml for 10 Fr # Radiopaque line # Stylet wire for introduction # Urine drainage funnel # Inflation connector with one-way valve # Single packed sterile, polybag of 10 pcs