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Obstipation Foley Catheter With Extension, 5/pk

Severe constipation or obstipation in small animals is a challenging presentation. Fecal material dries into hard balls. Megacolon in cats can be a repetitive situation.
A standard treatment approach is various types of enemas or digital manipulation. Care must be taken not to traumatize or injure the distal colon.
The Walcott Obstipation Foley Catheter was designed specifically to be inserted rectally with lubrication. The balloon is inflated after placement beyond the first fecal ball. Additional enema or lubricant can be infused after inserted. 8 small lateral eyes before balloon and 6 lateral eyes past the balloon give a wide range of infusion. The small, firm semi-rigid catheter can be used to massage out fecal material slowly then repeated until all fecal material is safely removed.

▪ Smooth bullet distal tip
▪ Special extension tip can add an additional 12cm
if deemed is necessary
▪ Female Luer Lock proximal fitting
▪ Balloon can be inflated to 6 ml
▪ Length: 40 cm + 12 cm extension
▪ Inner diameter 32 mm, outer diameter 5 mm
▪ 5/pk