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Silicon Endotube 10 mm

Silicone Endotracheal Tubes with inflatable balloon. Silicone is soft , more biocompatible tan PVC, rubber, once at temperature of the trachea the tube gets more flexible. Once in the trachea, the inflated balloon would fit to the open space.

Connector included # Lateral murphy eye at distal tip # Radiolucent # Connector included # NON sterile # Sterilization: ONLY cold sterilization

  • Sizes 3mm to 14mm
  • Silicone Material Benefits:
    • Patient comfort. Silicone is a soft material that conforms to body contours. The soft distal tip lessens the chance for any airway tissue damage
    • Silicone resists deterioration better than PVC or red rubber
    • See any blood and mucous if they develop