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Silicone Avian/ Exotic ET Tube, 1/pk, guide

FioniaVet Silicone Endotracheal Tubes
Avian / Exotics

Silicone endotracheal tubes specially designed for avian andexotics patients. Silicone is more biocompatible than PVC,rubber and softens in contact with the tissue. Once attemperature of the trachea the tube gets more flexible.
▪ Non-cuffed tubes
▪ Lower profile of the distal end for proper placement
▪ Larger proximal end for proper sealing
▪ Complete range of sizes from 1 to 6 mm
▪ 1 and 1.5 mm with stylet for easier introduction
▪ 15 mm connector included
▪ Packed individually, 1/pk