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Surgicutt® bleeding time device, 5 mm blade, 1 mm incision, 5 pk

Fully automatic patented device for buccal mucosa bleeding time (BMBT) test in the gum, screening for primary hemostatic disorders of platelets and vessel wall disfunction. Also available in Junior version , code 522J.

Operation: A push on the button fires a tiny scalpel (1 mm) blade at high speed and retracts it in the device. The cut is performed above the nerves area, resulting in a quick and painless incision (unlike painful traditional lancets / scalpels). Result, normal bleeding time: Dogs 1,7 to 4 min., cats: 1 to 2,5 min.

It also allows to detect bleeding problems before surgery and before diagnostic works-ups on high risk breeds (Doberman, Boxer, Rottweiler)

Features: # Quick, safe and easy, all staff at clinic can perform the test # Light and small 3 x 3 cm # Minimally invasive procedure with mild or no sedation for dogs. Cats may need sedation. # 522S for large dogs, 522J junior for small dogs and cats # Single use, to be disposed in a sharp container # Sterile single packed in a peel off bag and box