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FioniaVet Anesthesia Gas Filter Canister 800 g,1/pk

FioniaVet Anesthesia Gas Filter Cannister, 800 g

Inhalation of waste anesthetic gasses can be a potentialrisk to the staff during surgeries, but using anesthetic filters connected to the scavenger hose will increase the safety and provide a cleaner air in the operating room.
The cannister contains activated carbon which absorb anesthetic waste gasses through positive pressure from the exhalation of the patient and/or the gas delivery system.
The activated carbon gets saturated at a certain mass of gasses and must therefore be changed when the weight is 1000 g to ensure the purpose of the product.
Please follow the below Warning, Instruction and Disposal advise before use.
▪ Must be exchanged when the total weight reaches 1000 g.
▪ Use chart on side of filter for continuously check after each
▪ Does not absorb Nitrous Oxide.
▪ Do not use with flammable gases.
▪ Do not expose to excess heat or fire.
Use upright placed on a flat surface or better in holder on
the anesthesia unit and ensure free flow around the cut-outs
at the bottom of the filter.
Connect the filter canister to the anesthesia unit and use.
Seal the filter canister in a plastic bag and discard according
to local regulation.
▪ 22 mm connector
▪ 6/pk