Soft Foam Cohesive Bandage/ Teat Bandage, 6 x 450 cm, 1/pk

Soft foam bandage is a cross elastic cohesive bandage, easy to shape and provides great mobility. Soft bandage is cohesive and does not stick to skin, fur or wounds. Can be placed directly on the wound.

  • Self-adherent (cohesive), only sticks to itself (NOT to skin, fur nor wounds)
  • Suitable for primary or secondary bandage to fix a compress
  • Adheres even when wet
  • Soft, porous absorbent PU foam
  • Cross-elastic
  • Latex free
  • Thickness 1.9 mm

Applications for large and small animals

  • Used as teat bandage in production animals, teat, legs
  • Various applications on companion animals